Blender rotation not outputting as expected to console

I think i am probably doing something really silly here, but after a fair bit of googling i haven’t been able to work out what!

I am trying to output to the console, the current Rotation of my object “Cube”

As can be seen in the screenshot, the values output to console, differ from those shown in the properties toolbar.
Its fine if i print the ob.location - it matches, but not the rotation.

Is this expected? - Am I just misunderstanding the maths?

Ignore the line of code bpy.ops.object.select_pattern(pattern=“Cube”)
Its not doing anything, left over from something else i was trying.


Radians. Try this for example:

[x * 57.29577951308232 for x in["Cube"].rotation_euler[:]]

for angle you can use Radians ( angle degrees )

happy bl

>>> degrees(1)

>>> 180/pi

Thanks for the tip RickyBlender

or radians ( 90 )

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