Blender RPG game test

video of my test for my RPG game.

hmm, that’s pretty cool. Though the aiming seems kind of weird. What did you do to make it? Is it a mouselook? It looks kind of stiff :stuck_out_tongue:

Good luck!

Interesting, but his animations are stiff. Looks like it could be good, though. Interesting mix of RPG and TPS (Third Person Shooter). I like it.

thanks for the positive comment
it is not mouse look i tested aiming with mouse look but my effort resulted in failure every time
i think it is not possible with mouse look.(As no python script runs in bone BGE) so i tried different method, which is with the help of arrow keys…
I know aiming is not smooth especially the up & down aiming… But i will have it improved by the time i will update this video…

Thank you very much!

You can use a mouse look script to provide property values for two actions on the skeleton. The actions should be set to be driven by properties (instead of play or flipper). One action should be left/right and the other should be up/down. Use two bones, the up/down one should be parented to the left/right one.

Here is an old blend test I did (from my “tests” folder).

I’ve improved my technique ince then but this should give you something to start with:


mouse_lookaction.blend (174 KB)

Thanks for sharing such a useful file.
Works great!
Thanks again!:slight_smile:

Thanks, it’s my pleasure to help others. :slight_smile: