Blender ruined my materials!

Blender totally ruined up my materials. When i opened my .blend and rendered it, i noticed that somehow all materials are completely black,shadeles and in render, they’re just grey and if transparency is enabled, they’re transparent! and also my textures are just alpha…

Sorry if there is some bad english :smiley:

Check to make sure you still have light Object in Outliner, and its render button active.

2.5 or 2.49 ?

can you upload a sample file to check it out

happy 2.5

If you’re using image textures, you may have moved the location of your blend file or renamed/relocated your textures or a folder they were in. In this case you’d need to relink all your textures, or put everything back where it was…

I’m using Blender 2.56a Beta and i moved one of the images i used, but i alredy relinked it.

And i can’t upload the file, because it says that it’s too big :frowning:

first of all go to graphical and get the latest built it has a lot less bugs in it
and should work fine i guess

check it out

happy 2.5

ok i’ll try

no,still does not work :frowning:

and the best of all, it crashes when trying to render it even if i disable AA, SSS, Raytraceing and enable simplify :confused:

can you upload simple dsample file
so we can look at it
might be esier to help here!

happy 2.5

is ur bled file is big then use to upload it and a paste a link here.

yes sry rickyblender, it was too big to upload but i’ll try

I’ve never had any issues with materials in Blender…interesting but we can’t help if we can’t SEE a problem… there you can download the file

OK this file is with the problems

OK but how did you get there?
i mean did you import from 2.49 to 2.5
or did you create it in 2.5

can you give more details or clues how it ended up like this ?

are you following a tut here and which one ?

in texture panel
you seems to have lost the image file

try to load a new image for these texture and see if this work OK !

thanks happy 2.5

I just finished it in 2.5, then rendered it and exit Blender. Then next day i opened it up and i saw all that… I can’t remember if anything abnormal (i’m using google translater a bit :smiley: )
Yes,i watched a tutorial from Blender cookie to learn this technique, but it’s not straight from tutorial.

OK i loaded the textures again and now they are fine, but materials are still just black and i think that i must remove them and recreate them :confused:

check out if the normal are outward on you faces

which version 2.5 are you using ?

happy 2.4

i’m usin Blender 2.56a and just downloaded latest build from

try it with latest built from graphical

and add the file for texture then you can see if it’s ok or not !

happy 2.5

i tried with graphical and added the textures again, so it seems to work now:)