Blender Runnig slow on Radeon 7000, needed for Crystal Space


I am very new to blender. I have a Radeon 7000 64MB AGP, and it runs sooo slow in blender. I have Maya, and Export my models into OBJ. I need to export into .3ds, and I have a old ver of Maya so it does not work. I have the latest Catalyst Drivers and such. It worked fine with old ATI drivers, but my performance in Maya and games decreases a lot. Unless you all know of a way to import direcly into Crystal Space (BTW,
, I need to fix this prob. Plus I want to be able to animate in Maya, then Convert it to Blender to be textured. Any ideas on this too? I tried using a old Rage II, it only made it worse.

There is a test-build available from - the latest CVS version of Blender now has this fixed. I’m using a Radeon VE (which is based on the 7000 chipset), and Blender is now fantastically usable :slight_smile:

Link to the original build discussion is here

So you’ll need to get a later testing build at least - check the testing builds forum

Hope this helps…