Blender running out of memory!


I’ve been starting to model a house:
As you probably had noticed, the above image isn’t rendered… not even finished. This is because I’ve been getting the:

Malloc returns nill

…error message and a crash. I assume this is because I’m running out of memory, since I’ve added such detail to the grass, and used the subsurf modifier. I would remove the modifier, but I’ve applied already! Well, incase this helps, here are my specs:

Overclocked NVidia Geforce 8600GTS
2.7GHZ Single Core CPU (Ordered a dual core processor last week, should be here tommorow.)

Well, like I mentioned, I’m getting a new CPU, which I’m hoping will me with the crashing problem. Until them, I just wanted to know if you guys had some suggestions on preventing memory loss, but keeping the detail in the grass.

-Techno Tyler:D

Particle hair isn’t that bad looking as grass… you just need lots of it.

Here’s mine.

I’m pretty sure it takes less memory than individual meshes.

And in fact, the specular sheen to the grass texture itself gives it a fake look, since it’s uniform and not actual blender specularity. The’re also kind of regularly placed, try randomizing it, which again makes particle systems more useful.

Particle grass would be better than the mesh grass
but make sure you turn the 3D view display way down (set it to only display 10% of the amount of particles in the real render)

a few tips on saving memory/speeding up view response:

try to keep everything as low ploy as possible

don’t model things that won’t be seen

subsurf modifiers will be applied at the time of rendering so you can set it low for the 3D view and higher for the actual render (this won’t slow down your 3D display as much)
so don’t apply the modifier if you don’t need to

same goes with other modiers that copy a mesh - example array, or dupliverts
(don’t make them real copies if you don’t need to)

use a texture instead of modeling extra geometry
because you should try to keep everything as low ploy as possible

put different objects on different layers and turn them off when you don’t need them

and… try to keep everything as low ploy as possible :wink:

Dell L400c
700 mhz P3 coppermine
Intel 828810 DC 100 32MB allocated
You may have another problem.


Sounds like you have lots of subsurf meshes! How detailed are they each?

Try using either particles or dupliverts (F7 panel) if you aren’t already.

check the vert and face count and memory usuage
(in the top header)
Default scene - Ve:8 Fa:6 Ob:3-0 La:1 Mem:1.07M (0.39M)

how many verts/faces do you have?