Blender running slow upon modifying the mesh

Hello everyone, i started working on my first car but suddenly upon moving a verticle/edge/face or switching from object mode to edit blender moves extremly laggy , how do i fix this issue ?


Check you RAM usage. It use to happen when you reach full RAM usage of your computer.
Also, it happens when you have way too much polys, like for example if you use a Subsurf modifier with too much subdivisions.

See you ++

Hello, i already did that my ram is at 30% usage :frowning:

And what about verts count ?
(On top of window on 2.79, Bottom of window on 2.8)

1424 verts, i also simply cut the model in half and deleted it and was still slow, i belived that issue is software related

EDTIED: 1.353.360 verts in total i was in edit mode with a part of the car

If you are sure that it’s only happening on Blender (I mean if no other software is killing the computation power of your computer) Maybe you should post your .blend here as we can have a look :slight_smile:

I cant it says new user aren’t alowed to upload files :frowning:

there it is

Ok, indeed you have more than 1.2 M polys, with 4 levels of subsurf…
It depends on your computer configuration but, usually, > 1M polys is “a lot” for an average machine.
What is your config ?

i5 3.6ghz , GTX 1050 Ti 4 GB VRAM , 12 GB RAM

Ok. Well anyway, 4 subdivs level, for this kind of modeling, is too much. I see than your model is flat shaded (and not smooth) maybe you have rised the subsurf level to reach a “smooth” aspect. That’s not the solution. In your case, clicking “Smooth” (“T” panel, object mode) with 1 level subdiv is the same aspect. In addition you have 2 different subsurf modifier.

  • Delete the second one
  • Down the subdiv to 1 or 2
  • Smooth shade your object

It should be better :slight_smile:

Awsome thanks dude this will help a lot, it also fixed my issue :D. Have a wonderful day :smiley: