Blender Running Slowly

I have noticed that when I use normal maps (with GLSL shading) and realtime buffered shadows in blender 2.58 (and any other version) it slows down blender considerably. However, when I download .blend files online that use normal maps and shadows they doesn’t slow down blender at all. I have tried copying the setting that the downloaded .blend files use but blender still runs slowly. Is there something that I am missing, or does anyone have any ideas on how I could get normal maps and shadows running quickly in realtime?


either your graphics card suck, but since you said other files are not slow you are probably not building your files with optimization i mind.

When you load the other files you are also loading the UI and the settings if you left that to the default, so where you had GLSL shading enabled, it may have changed to multitexture, and thus work faster.

Another thing to note, however, is that not all graphics cards support GLSL drivers. My vid card is no slouch, but for some reason ATi didn’t include GLSL support for it, until recently, and therefore dumped all GLSL calculations off to the CPU. The current drivers were supposed to correct this problem, but it still doesn’t seem to calculate GLSL on the GPU, so don’t know what happened there. To see this in action, open the system monitor while in GLSL and pan around your scene, if the CPU(s) get pegged, then that’s where the action is happening. If the card supports GLSL, then there should be minimal hit on the CPU(s) as the GPU will be doing the work.