Blender running too slow!!!

I just boght a presario laptop 2100 with a athlon 2000+ and 512 of memory. It has a radeon igp 320m graphic card with 64mb shared memory, but it is running blender slower then my old pentium 166!!!

Did anyone have any problems like this??? if so please help!!! i have played around with all the graphic setting and blender still bearaly running…

it could be th OS.

i am running windows xp home. The same I am running on my main computer without any problems.

Could be the radeon, I believe ATI have trouble with openGL. What graphics card do you use on your main computer?

nvidia…much better…I know!!! but the laptop came with the radeon, and i just wanted it to run blender in a confortable speed. but the way it is now i cand even move a vertex!!!heheheh

check your drivers

Try this in a text window (run with alt+p)

from Blender.BGL import *
print "GL Vendor:	",	glGetString(GL_VENDOR)
print "GL Renderer:	",glGetString(GL_RENDERER)
print "GL Version:	", glGetString(GL_VERSION)

look at your console

From the XP system I am running on I got

GL Vendor:      Microsoft Corporation
GL Renderer:    GDI Generic
GL Version:     1.1.0

ideally for GL Vendor you would get something relating to ATI, not microsoft.

I would also suggest that you try running at 16 bit color. This system is unusable in blender in 24 bit (go to High Color from True Color)

z3r0 d, I checked my driver and this is what i got:

gl vendor: ATI technologies inc
glrenderer: radeon 7000 ddr x86/mmx/3dnow!/sse
gl version: 1.3.3143 win xp release

i tryed running at 16 bits but blender is still running slow.

do yu have any sugestions??

I am running out of ideas

Try running at 16 “High Color” bit color instead of 24 or 32 (“True Color”)

what kind of advanced properties does your video card have in the advanced properties in the settings tab of the display properties?

and, if you are trying to run another opengl app simultaneously you may experience slowdown. (I doubt you are)