Blender Sampled Motion Blur

Hello. I am trying to understand how to set the blender sampled motion blur in the current version of blender.

I was reading the online documentation and found a tutorial about it.

What I can’t find is where the motion blur samples option is that is shown in the tutorial (second link). When I render my animation without motion blur, its fine. If I render with, it’s all crazy and I am trying to figure out what the settings should be. I’ve included a screenshot of my render panel and the animation with bad motionblur. (as images… can’t upload video?) The ball is supposed to be going straight but with motion blur its motion blur is going up and down instead of trailing behind it?


You’re looking at BI settings. The only settings for Cycles motion blur currently are shutter speed, and noise is controlled by AA samples.

Adjusting the AA samples didn’t change anything though.


or shutter speed + AA [ATTACH=CONFIG]261609[/ATTACH]

without any blur [ATTACH=CONFIG]261610[/ATTACH]

is it just not possible in cycles?

I’ve seen some tutorials about vector blur through nodes using scene layers. So in that case I’d have to render the whole sequence with just vector data and then the second with everything and then tie them together through a vector blur node? The examples I’ve seen were with one image still so I was a little confused.

None of your attachments worked. Motion blur works just fine here. Attach a .blend and I’ll take a look later.

Ok, so after scouring the internet for a solution or tutorial about exactly how cycles motion blur works, I found nothing. Most tutorials are about Blender Render mode or focusing on only a single image composite with Vector Blur and not a whole sequence. So I decided to go the brute force problem solving method of eliminating elements one at a time to find out what caused the weird motion blur jumping problem.

I save my progress in increments to so I can go back to a cleaner file if the one I’m working on becomes corrupt without having to start completely from scratch. What I’ve unfortunately found is that from the very first animation file I saved, something had already happened where motion blur cycles was not functioning. At this point, I was only moving a ball from one spot to another on only one axis, no rotations and when I turn motion blur on, nothing happens.

So I went back to my clean rig file, before I started any animations and redid the same simple animation of the ball moving from one location to another on one axis no rotations and turned on motion blur. It worked just fine! I added the ball rotations to see if that’s what messed it up and it still rendered fine. But what happened to my other files if it works here?

So in short, I will need to redo ALL my animation cries but before I spend all that time redoing it, I would still like to find out what could have possibly caused the motion blur corruption. Otherwise it could do it again. The file I uploaded in the previous post is the file with the corrupted motion blur. Even if you delete animation on all the balls and redo an animation in that file, the motion blur will still not function properly. If anyone can take a look at it and see if there was some sort of setting that got turned on or off that may explain why it happened I’d really appreciate it.