Blender SAVED!

(ton) #1

This morning, the NaN shareholders have reached an agreement on the conditions for a new future for Blender.
In general it means that the Blender Foundation can execute it plans, to continue developement as an open source project.
Prime condition is that the Foundation should pay for that 100k euros…
Next friday another shareholders meeting is planned to go over all details and hopefully sign the contracts.

I am updating the info on the next few hours, and will come with more detailed info later. The exact plans for how the funding will be organised will also be discussed here and published the next weeks.

For now: celebrate dudes, and then back to work!


(Titus) #2

Congratulations Ton!

Now you know why the undo button is good for!

(Goofster) #3

GREAT! I can’t say how happy I am man. completely the opposite of the day I saw that eveil message on now let’s get this thing up and running and start coding people!


ps. is there any way to get the old information from the community site back? like the forum and the articles (CJ!)

(Green) #4

Cool. Happy news :slight_smile:

/me eagerly awaits more information

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(meestaplu) #6


Goofster said:

now let’s get this thing up and running and start coding people!

Time for me to brush up on my C++.

(macke) #7

I second that dearly, very happy news indeed!

(Nayman) #8

i do not know how tro code, but i ams till so happy i feel like wetting my pants!


(theeth) #9

/me takes out a box of adult diapers and passes it around.



(system) #10

Great news!

(steve343) #11

im gonna learn to code just for this


hope the amiga guy helped u in your quest ton

yeaahhhhh! woooohooooo

(dmoc) #12

Well smack me stupid with a wet haddock! Best news this year!

Ton, I am sooooooooooo happy for you and all the user’s (including me). One question, are there any constraints? Eg, will Publisher be open sourced?

(macke) #13

I’ll have one of those…

(ton) #14

It looks like I can get all shareholders agreeing on a full open source, including game engine, players, etc. (Not mobile stuff).

For Publisher I need feedback from past customers and ex-NaN engineers first, I don’t know if - for example - the locking mechanism should be opened. What’s the use for locking then!

Managing a compatible cross platform player for Blender is VERY hard, and I have no idea if an opensource project could do this… all interesting stuff to think over!

(BTW: the frontpage of is adapted now)

(S_W) #15

:smiley: :smiley: :smiley: Great work!!!

(Turkey) #16

this is great news!! :smiley:
great work ton :stuck_out_tongue:

(jrt) #17

Really fantastic. Congratulations Ton!!

(sten) #18

I second that dearly, very happy news indeed![/quote]

hey…me too :smiley: !!

I’ll have one of those…[/quote]

leave one for me too !! :open_mouth:

yay !!

congrat TON !! happys news is rare today :slight_smile: !!

(Jolly Gnome) #19


/me opens a bottle of champagne and put’s partyhat on


(rivenwanderer) #20

:smiley: :smiley: :smiley: Yay! This is great; the community has always developed lots of cool tools for Blender via python… now it can develop Blender with no limits of the Python API {or it can make the API whatever it wants, maybe :wink: } That $95,000 makes me a little nervous… but hopefully we’ll get something figured out. Heehee, if Blender is alive, maybe I do have some future in 3D after all {as opposed to just puttering around in an out-of-date obsolete program for 30 years}