Blender, saving and opening issues

Hi all,

Being new to blender I have yet to learn a considerable amount of infos regarding the program itself as well as what it’s capable of.

My priority here is to understand how blender save a baked and rendered animation (that part shouldn’t be complicated) an also how it loads it.
Thing is, I made a basic fire sim (cube for smoke, cube for domain, smoke flow force field and some lights), I baked it and rendered it and it came out fine, but then I loaded it, changed the smoke flow direction (inside the domain) and then rendered it again and only the cube that emits smoke was rendered, even after I freed all baked and bake all dynamics again.

So what am I missing ?

Also, but I’m sure I can found that answer elsewhere, why is it that everytime I input some changes in, let’s say a domain tab, switch to another tab and then come back, changes aren’t there anymore ?

I know those are common questions and must have been asked a million times and I searched the forum (like: blender saves, loading .blend file, issues loading .blend file etc…) but couldn’t find my happiness : (

Thanks in advance to anyone willing to help