Blender Scaling question ?


I know 1 Blender unit is essentially dimensionless and cant be described in metres, feet etc.

What I need to know however is how 1 Blender unit translates to a real life dimension when I import my Blender model into the game engine I am working with. At the moment I have come up with a figure 1 Blender unit = 1.16 metres in game from simply measuring in game against a known reference object. I am still uncertain about my figure as I get different results depending on the reference object I pick.

What I would like to know is, how does one Blender unit correspond to one 3DS Max unit ?

If I knew that ratio, I could cross check against my figure I have already calculated.

Anyone know the answer to this question please ?

Regards Geoff

Nike: just do it.
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Select the default cube. Scale it to dimensions 2x3x4 using the properties panel. Export it. Open up Max, review your defaults. Import the obj. Observe the real world units.

I’ve noticed that it really depend on what units are set up in the host software.
Chances are that if it is set to ‘feet’, 1 B.U. will be interpreted as 1 foot and so on…


Thanks for the responses.
I dont have access to Max, so I cant try it myself. Dont fancy spending £2000 to answer this little question :smiley:

Or maybe someone with access to MAX could post a couple of unit cubes in *3ds file format, one produced with Max set to metric and one imperial ?

Regards Geoff

for the blender game engine 1 blender unit to one meter will work well for stuff with human sized characters… with an external engine… who knows? are there any other assets you can compare with…

I’m working with a game engine external to blender that has to go through maya…
in blender I’m working to 1 blender unit = 1 meter
depending on units set, in maya when I import and the exporter format used i need to scale up by 10 or 100…

Hi Michael

Thanks for the reply. Yes it is a bit awkward to do, but I did my measurement (in game) by postioning my aeroplane model next to a Max designed previous model and then measuring with a ruler on screen. The snag with this is that dependent on what reference model in game I used, I got a correction scaling factor ranging from approx 1 to 1.25.
I would have ignored the error if small, but 25% is too much to ignore.