Blender scaling with mouse movement instead of control handles

Ok, this is probably something obvious, but the searches I did didn’t come up with the answers I’m looking for. I jump between several different 3D Graphics apps, so I sometimes get confused by the different interfaces if I haven’t used one in a while, but when I have been trying to do something as simple as scale an object in Blender, instead of the arrows (for transform) turning into boxes which I can grab and scale on a single axis, instead, when I click the scale button, the whole thing immediately starts scaling based on the movement of my mouse. I don’t even know where this function would be useful since it is almost impossible to control with any degree of accuracy, but that is beside the point. I don’t know if I just screwed up a setting by hitting the wrong hotkey, or where to even look to change this.

To recreate this, I open a new project, click on the scale button under tools/transform, and then move the mouse any direction, and the cube scales up and down. This is not what I want to do, I want the position transform handles to change to scale handles, which I can click on so I can adjust the size along a particular axis, in a controlled manner.

Any help regarding how to resolve this would be greatly appreciated.


what’s the version of your blender? in the latest 2.8 release there isn’t any problem with the scale buttom in the tool shelf.

but personally I don’t use these buttoms in the tool shelf. I prefer using the S key on the keyboard, then typing the name of the axis and the value of the scale to perform a more precise operation.

I was using version 2.79, because when I downloaded 2.8, the interface was completely different, and I didn’t want to have to learn the new interface, just to do a few quick tweaks to a model before printing it. But, opening it in 2.8 works like expected, so now I’m watching videos on the new interface so I can use 2.8. Thanks for the help!

From description in your question looks like you used Scale button on the Toolshelf > Tools tab > Transform rollout:


Indeed it seems to start scaling right away after clicking without waiting for cursor over viewport in 2.79. Instead use either Transformation manipulators or hit S on the keyboard to execute the command. These will work in 2.8 as well

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