Blender Scene Resets When I Start the Game Engine

I’ve searched the forums, googled all possibilities, and (if there is anything out there regarding this issue) I have not been successful in finding a solution to this problem.

I downloaded two low-poly characters a while back (I’m not the best at rigging/modeling, so I generally just download characters) from BlendSwap. You can find them here.

I’ve been able to successfully paint, design, and animate the characters and enemies that I’ll need for my game, but today I decided to start working on the game aspects of the main character, and that’s when I encountered my issue.

When I start the game engine, the character returns to the rest position. I’ve done everything I know to do when something like this pops up:

  • I’ve added logic bricks that should trigger an animation
  • I’ve removed the armature modifier
  • I’ve closed the blender scene and re-opened it (it’s helped a few times in other situations. Don’t ask me why, hah)

I tried a couple of other things. However, while none of these helped, I also noticed something else. When I started the game engine, the plane that I’d added returned to its normal scaling/location - its origins and transformations were completely reset. I’m pretty much in the dark about this and have been unable to find any solutions. Here is the .blend file: Hero-Game.blend (602 KB)

Anyone that can find the solution to this problem will be much appreciated (I can’t offer compensation, as I am a broke college student ;)). Thanks for the assistance!


(Guess I’m really not much of a “Blender God” at all, heh?)

You must (armature-)parent the skin mesh to the armature and play the according action with an action actuator (at the armature).

Please have a look at the BGE Guide to Character Setup

Is there a simple way for me to make an adjustment like that? Simply re-parenting it messes up all the weights.

Nevermind - I got it. Thanks, Monster! :slight_smile: