Blender scene resets when you leave

I’m making a game and it uses multiple scenes as different rooms in a house. in it there are lots of objects that have physics attached, like cups and general clutter. When you go through you can knock them over. But when you leave the scene and enter a different room and then go back, they’re locations have been reset. Is there any way of keeping the state of the scene when you leave and it resuming from that state when you re-enter it?

The scenes are not reset. It is just your impression it is the same scene. This might be the effect you want to achieve.

The scenes are gone and you load a new one (based on the scenes in your blend file). So the look the same but are not.

Yofurioso, gave you a good hint. Look for an save/load system. They usually include operations to store/restore the state of objects. E.g. you store the position of an object before killing the scene. When you load the new scene you restore the position at an matching object.

Be aware you can’t store/restore all data. So be prepared to setup your scene that at least the important things are transferred.

I hope it helps