Blender School?

Hey um you know I have always wondered why there isn’t a blender school? Not for adults for kids who are homeschooled or are even just bored. It’s better ot be creating video games then being playing them. Who knows maybe we’ll give some kid a future at Pixar. Considering I am only 12 I think I would know some of the aspects I would use in teaching kids. I think the overall manuals and tutorials is a little too much for them. How about some of you guys here on blender artists help me out. Number one I need someone who knows how to use Icarus and has a camcorder. Next thing is I need someone to make a pretty basic intro on computer graphics and the interface of blender3d. I am going to make some basic introduction videos myself. We need it to be completely child safe so no adult content on desktops or programs. I need no bad language on tape or on screen. I think you guys get the point. After the first video is posted I am going to go to and ask my art teacher to link to this site. Then I might even go around the schools locally and tell them about it. Hopefully after we get it going will start a kids computer graphics school. You sign up for about 5$ a month and your kids will go to class each day with an advanced 3d modeler and learn how to 3d model. I just came up with this so if there is a problem please tell me. Oh and by the way I looked up kid’s computer graphics school and nothing came up under google.

this sounds great!!!

kids who are homeschooled

I’m homeschooled!!
This whole thinkg sounds neat (if you need a webdesigner, I can do it pretty good!)

Ambitious, but a little too much too soon, I would say. What it really sounds like you’re looking for is 1) Kid friendly tutorials (both in content and communication). 2) Mentorship/teacher style feedback. I know a lot of homeschoolers, and honestly, give 'em a book, and you can forget the teacher. :wink: It would be great if schools would start developing curriculum for 3D art (and I know of several that do), but because that requires 1 computer per student, it puts schools over budget. If you could offer things to the home market, yeah, things would be grand. :wink:

But the truth is, Blender is an advanced program, for advanced users. The beginner is going to have to WANT to get the end result. Most school age kids don’t have the “stick’em” yet. They’ll bounce from one thing to the next. “I wanna work at Pixar! I wanna be a fireman”, etc. (Not picking on them! Just saying, there isn’t a lot of stick to it. I know, I was one of 'em. :P… AM one of 'em. :stuck_out_tongue: :wink:
) So yeah, designing tutorials for kids might help those who can’t quite grasp the advanced tutorials get a better hold on things, but really, if they don’t have the will power to work through the tutorials out there, they’re not going to last long in the program anyway.

So my advice? Work on your videos. A kid oriented area of tutorials sounds good. I might even help out. Selling it as a curriculum? Hard stuff. Being a teacher 24/7? REALLY hard stuff. But build it, and they will come, as the saying goes. :wink:

The beginner is going to have to WANT to get the end result.

to true, thats how i acted.

maybe we can just start a video community with free video tuts for beginners (how to do bascis, etc)

Create the videos and then we’ll see what we’ll see. :slight_smile:

if you do decide to do this, what would you call it?
I would make videos, but blender is slow, like when i move my mouse away from a menu, the menu is supossed dissappear, right? well, mine sort of slides up to nothing, and is getting on my nerves!

Personally I found blender much easyer to use than something like 3Dsmax, at least once I learnt how to use it. It probably wouldnt be too hard to teach kids how to use blender… even though it does have a few annoying features that tick even me off… stupid left click moving the origon point… mutter mutter … thats really something they should fix in a later version… even if they have a single button that says lock cursor or something… but yeh… I would have liked to have learnt 3D when I was a kid… even if it was just a secondary art program or something.

Well personally I love to work off of big manuals and tutorials but not all kids do and kids our age aren’t really like that. I have a friend who wants to be a baseball pro and he practices literally like 10 times a day after school. I think the reason kids do that most of the time is because there aren’t cool videos like that to teach them. It works too man I love the site ok yeah it’s a little childish but I learned alot and I have probably watched every single video. I would call the program uummm verts for kids no lol. Well I was planning on putting on a tab in my webpage called video tutorials but if you guys can come up with a name and a domain than that is settled. By the way you guys really should check out the site and get some ideas from it. We need to incorperate jokes that 12 year olds will find funny but not disturbingly childish. Brainpop does have some of those. Oh and also I live in Florida I don’t know if standards are the same but I am sure thousands of schools in america have computer that can handle blender. I mean typing is a big class now and there even teaching students powerpoint. It is a job nescesity (yes i know i spelledit wrong crappy keyboard) and kids are having to learn it. If along with these skills they learned something that might come in handy and is fun maybe kids wouldn’t be choking themselves to death for a game. It’s true So oh and also since your homeschooled what grade? If your allowed to tell.

I just read something you said that I missed first time around. You think we want to sell this as a curriculum? I guess you heard me wrong but I want to teach kids how to make cg not leech of there money. If the schools wanted to they could just get it and do the advanced tutorials. You ever see Evan Almighty you should ARK one act of random kindness can change the world. Who knows maybe one of the students because of his computer background will invent something to be greater in life. The whole point of this is to teach kids not sell them something. It would be a completely free site until well at least 100 members. Then we would really have to work on it.
Read this also. Technically if they apply themself (me being one) they can out cg us. You know it’s weird talking about “kids” considering I am one. Trying to teach kids and looking up who learns the most and stuff like that is kind of creepy.

im not sure many of us 12 year olds actually use blender…still a cool idea though

I don’t get the point in making tutorials for kids. I was a kid myself when i started to use Cinema4D and gimp. I also read english tutorials(I’m german) and it worked out well… if you try to get rid of the software and you are passionate and ambitious u can master every problem sooner or later. so i think there isn’t any need for such a sort of school or course or whatever…

So could you explain what your videos would provide that other video tutorials don’t provide? (Besides jokes aimed at kids?)

I’m still trying to figure out what the advantage of your idea is.

well, i do love the idea.

but if you guys can come up with a name and a domain than that is settled

Here are some:
Blender School, BlenderTaught, blendertuts, blender4kids,
those are just some ideas i made up :slight_smile: btw, what host r u using? I’d use Freewebs, i can make and code a custom template for your site and thanuse it on freewebs easybuilder so you’d look a lot more professional, trust me.

Hey i have been afk for a while. Did you not check out For answering what the videos would have to offer than others. Also about the jokes I didn’t mean go out and make kids laugh I meant go about it in a friendly casual way of telling them what to do. I don’t really model well when I am under stress or listen for that matter. I use Go daddy JESUSFRK I have a freewebs but dude eh. Schools usually block stuff like myspace freewebs and all that. Parents also probably wouldn’t like the idea that it’s free having a domain makes it look more official.

Ok, if BrainPop is the example of what you’re trying to emulate, what’s the example of the “over the kids heads” for science, math, etc?

Or… Find a tutorial for Blender that a regular kid could not follow.

Show me what you’re saying is the “flaw” with the current supply, and then explain to me what your idea would change with them.

Part of the reason I ask is that I want to know how much you’ve thought this out and planned it. If you’re going to start something like this, just like any project, you need to have it figured out good and well before you engage a team on it.

The second reason I ask is because I’m interested in helping, if it really is worth it, and I want to know exactly what you have in mind.

(Yes, I’ve looked through BrainPop before.)

I’ve been using blender since I was 12 =P and I’m only 14 now, my goal in starting so early is a better chance at getting into Pixar, like the guy said

Parents also probably wouldn’t like the idea that it’s free having a domain makes it look more official.

yeah, plus the ads dont help any. never heard of go daddy

hi sounds cool ill do it im 14 but i dont recomend using icarus cuz ya it takes forever to track and since its so old and stuff it has a ton of bugs and about 80 percent of the time it crashes before its done tracking so and you cant use it for anything commercial cuz it got bought out awile back but voodoo is better still bugy but it works about 75 percent of the time and it tracks way faster and it has an export to blender and its ment to go in blender unlike icarus were you have to get a script to import the motion data im still learning voodoo but for my movies it has worked about 60-80 percent of the time icarus has worked about 3 percent of the time and yes 3 not 30 but 3 … i havent even used icarus in any of my movies ive just done some testest with it and it takes for ever and the resolt isnt that good so atleast if it messes up in voodoo i can quickly redo it o and im home schooled 2

p.s. pm for more info