Blender Screen Nav etc. on Mac?

Blender Mac Noob encountering issues with basic viewport navigation. The keyboard modifiers don’t enable viewport rotation or screen move in Blender: I can draw selection marquee with mouse (no keybd modifier) but get the same result holding shift, control, or command + click. Nothing at all happens when I hold option + click.

None of the keybd modifiers enable viewport rotation or scene panning (hand).

I have a multi button (Logitech) mouse for my Mac: rotating the scroll wheel controls viewport zoom. Pressing the scroll wheel enables viewport rotation. Is it not possible to assign keybd modifiers or mouse buttons in Blender Prefs to control viewport rotation & others functions? Is it not possible to setup Blender Prefs for Mac use?

I only find obsolete online tutorials for Mac use with Blender.

How do Mac users navigate or setup prefs for Blender (2.83.4)? Can I assign multi key commands to enable Viewport rotate or pan in prefs?


Hmm, these keys are second nature to me by now, so sorry if I get them wrong, but try clicking your scroll wheel to rotate, and shift+scroll wheel click to pan. (Command+scroll wheel click works for a smoother zoom too)
Does that answer your question?

Thanks, that’s helpful. Shift-scrollwheel does pan!

And, click scroll wheel will rotate -but it can also zoom -very hard to control both separately on my (logitech) mouse. Is there another combination for rotate?

Does no one use a wacom tablet with Blender?

Is there a list of other key commands?

Thanks again

Blender Guru revealed that there is a prefs setting to “Emulate 3 Button Mouse” THAT is what I was looking for. Now I can use the tablet, as it recognizes the Option(alt) key.