Blender Script for glove adapting - advance payment

Hello everyone
I’m offering a paid work for a blender scripting. Advance payment available

Job is about a piece of script (basic GUI included) that has to adapt a pre-existing finger-less glove reference model to any 3D-scanned arm. The reference model is a surface.

That piece of script will be implemented in a larger script which is not object of this job.

For further information and price agreement, please contact me

paypal payments available

Isn’t this just the shrink wrap modifier?


I have two pre-modeled surfaces: top half.glove and bottom half-glove (diveded because to be 3D printed, therefore the glove has to be wearable)

so with the shrinkwrap modifier, what if the the scanned arm has the wrist in a different position? what if the scanned arm is quite bigger with respect to the reference model? wouldn’t the modifier application generates just “a little tattoo” on the arm?

If your printing this wouldn’t you want to know your exact measurements you need before printing so you don’t have wrists in the wrong position?

As long as the glove is bigger than the scanned arm, the shrinkwrap modifier should shrink around the shape needed.

I highly recommend using the modifier to see its effects on your models.

This can be very easily done by opening the file with your glove model -> add the shape of the arm/hand (or just any mesh for testing purposes) -> then on the “Glove” objects (which you want to wrap) add the shrinkwrap modifier -> select the target as being the arm mesh -> tweak the offset to suit your needs (you can also scale the shrinkwrapped mesh/glove to cover a larger area).

Hope this helps.

thank you for your suggestion, but it seems not to work

here is the initial situation: the scanned arm (fingers deleted) between the 2 glove sides

I tried as a simple example to create a cylider to be shrinkwrapped on the arm

and here is the results with the project option

not what I expected… problems are

  1. no control on the projection
  2. no control on the finger holes
  3. even if I made it working, something has been done in order to divide the glove in 2 surfaces

I also tried to project one side of glove reference model

here is the results with project option and the nearest vertex option


in the first one something went wrong… can’t say what…

in the second one problem is

  1. the result is too much dependent on model-scan distance
  2. no control on the finger holes
  3. no control on the wrapping modality: it can’t be said that the one side of the reference model would wrap the arm enough in order to meet / match the other side

I also thought to use directly the scanned arm surface to be the glove but I need the mesh of the glove-surface to be composed of big hexagons (as the reference model surfaces are): hot to remesh the surface?

I hope I make my self explained and I hope you can help me find a solution

try the cgcookie contours retopology tool. Basically it make cross section as defined as you want. It works well in these kind of cylindrical shapes

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mabe this is what you are after

thank you WARP is great!

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thanks everybody

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