Blender script repository?

Hi everyone,

Being a big fan of blender and the scripting capabilities it has, I was recently thinking of starting a script repository online where people can easily categorize and find scripts to use. However I wanted to ask if there’s something like this currently out there? I am aware of the Blenderwiki Script catalog, and the script listing at, however I would like to do something more along the lines of a central database with screenshots and full descriptions etc, much like a software site. And it could encompass things like material libraries, models etc in the future too. It will be a lot of hard work but I’m prepared to invest my spare time and money. And it would be definitely community oriented too. Would anyone be keen to see something like that?

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Check out .

If you need some inspiration, take a look at the Django script repository

Full source code is available:

As the maintainer of the Blender/Scripts/Catalog,
I can tell you that the One Page per Script Section in the Wiki & Repository Proper will not be happening until the Bpython API changes are complete.
This way I will not have to Double Up on the work. (re-write the changes)
There will be over 500 pages of scripts with instructions, screenshots & code changes/fixes. That’s a lot of work & I will get a small team together to do this, but as I said, not until next year when the API changes are finalized & I have enough time to do this large work.

At the moment, I am updating about 10 scripts a day in the Catalog to fix broken links,
mirror lost scripts so none will ever be off line, add new scripts to the listings & tidy up Naming Conventions. This takes some time, I will have most of it done, including lot’s of 2.44/2.45 new scripts listed by end of October, Then a few more months of collecting.

The Wiki Site Is One of The Official Repository’s & Listing for Scripts,
There are over 300 scripts listed so far, I have many more to come.

When I need help with things, I have BF members that guide me.
I am aware or Levi’s Site & have spoken to him often.
He is working on a few things atm & Gsoc project also.
The BPC is on hold I think as we were just doubling up the work with the Wiki.

Thanks for the link to the snippets.

Thanks, Brendon.

Thanks everyone for the links and feedback. It’s good to see that there are established repositories happening and it’s great to hear that there are people like Meta-Androcto that are devoting their time and energy into keeping a central database of scripts alive. I definately don’t want to take the shine off the hard work that’s going on there and I think that now I’ve seen some of these examples, my sense of urgency to do a repository has cooled off a bit. I may still revisit the idea sometime in the future for a specific genre of scripts, but for now I’m going to bookmark these babies.