blender scripts directory?

Does anyone know where the blender scripts directory is on a mac?

I might be mistaken, but I believe it is in the blender program folder>.blend folder>scripts

I’m confused,i only see a scripts folder in the Blender folder when i look through the file browser inside blender but when i try to look through Finder and right click on the Blender app to look for “show packet content” there is no scripts folder.
Now how do i install scripts?
Mac OS 10.3

Any advice?


Well i still don’t hav a .blend program folder. i think im going to uninstall and reinstall i have been having some issues any way.

artyr, if you will goto applications/Utilities and start up terminal and put in this command line it will show you all the files on you computer including the ones you cant see. once you put the command line in and hit enter you will need to relaunch your finder to get it to work. to relunch the finder hold option and click and hold on the finder icon in the dock and choose relaunch. check your hard drive and see whats there.

Command line:
defaults write AppleShowAllFiles YES

kerry,i got it figured out.
what you got to do is instal youre blender app. then create a folder and name it scripts and put this in the same place where the blender app. is.In this scripts folder you then place all the new scripts you obtain.Then in blender go to the preference window and under “file paths” choose the “python” one and there you set a path name.Mine is “Applications/Blender/Scripts”.
Then go to the scripts window and where you select youre scripts choose update menus,now you will be able to see youre new scripts under one of the submenus.I hope i’m clear but this worked for me.
This is the way for plugins also i think.


Cool I’ll give it a try!

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One more thing mention if someone is trying this. You have to save this as a default user interface to get it to hold the path, or you’ll have to reset it everytime. Of course thats why you have Ctrl-U.