Blender Scripts

What if Blender could read C++ scripts? Would it make it better or worse?

how would it read them?

c++ isn’t an interpreted language, and blender’s size would more than double if it included the equlivent of gcc in it.

I hope you mean run compile c/c++ things as plugins, more than is possible now with a python go-between and python module…

it could be useful, if people didn’t already have access to blender’s source.

as blender is open source, there really isn’t a need for this unless someone wants to keep their thing’s source away from everybody else, yet sell it.

Well I was more talking about bot header’s like in quake

Well I was more talking about bot header’s like in quake

If you want to do a mod, you should just use Quake. Blender is to make any kind of game. There are c like script languages that might be a bit faster, but Python is easy to use and understand. Binding another interpreter would add more weight and probably more bugs, it would also spread out the development time into more things. Plug-ins might be a different story. I’m with z3 on it. It’s open source. Just grab the code and go to work, it’s already c++, or c, I never looked. I hate pointers.

You know you actually make a pretty strong point. Plugins would be asome although i thought that is why we have python modules?