blender sculpt/curvy 3d

I was given an old Dell Inspiron 8000 laptop with approx 800mhz CPU, 512mb, 32 or 64mb video card (everything at max upgrade). I want to do some basic modeling with a brush-sculpt software. Obviously, I need a better machine. However, can someone give me a clue whether or not Blender sculpt would work at all with the laptop? I have also considered a little sculpt-type program called Curvy 3d that makes messy meshes, but probably would work OK on my laptop. Also, CBModeler looks good. Any suggestions for me… besides getting a better machine?

dont buy curvy 3D, it is a real ripoff.

blender should work just fine for your system :slight_smile:

BTW, tried to download NBishop’s beta Sharpconstruct (now incorporated into Blender), but it no longer downloads.

Blender, here I come.
Is there something different about Blender’s architecture that allows such an old underpowered machine to handle sculpting? I thought it was a real choker for a system.

it chokes every system to a certain degree… you wont be doing millions of polys… but you can still sculpt things :smiley: