Blender Sculpt (Its awesome)

hey all just testing the blender sculpt tool out (I used Ex-Nihlo’s head, thanks man ).

this is about 300-400K at the moment, i could go a lot higher but im happy with the results. i was going to animate and texture him but i didnt know that the multi res gets wiped away if you open it with a standard version of blender, ohwell.

to keep the multi res on standard blender, you just have to delet the multires from the mesh, but dont worry you dont loose your hard work, just put the res of the mesh on the multires panel on the resolution you would like to work with, and with that resolution ‘selected’ just ‘un-multi-res’ your mesh, then open up in standard blender

i hope that makes sense :confused: :stuck_out_tongue:

nice model of yours

Out of interest, why can’t you use the sculpt version? It has everything the basic 2.42a build has.

OK…what is sculpt and how do i get it to work in windows…?

Never mind…I got it thanks… :slight_smile:

where I can find that sculpt-tool?

thanks, but how the h*ll I find that script? edit, found it

I love my scult tool


Shame there are barly any tutorials for it…

Wow, what kind of computer are you running?
My one gets super slow on 100,000 vertices.
Did you sculpt the hat aswell?

Read the specs on his sig. quad core, 4 gig, 8800 gt system.

For me, Blender’s sculpting is only good for sculpting hills or something. It needs a lot of work to be useful.

Yeah, its not incredibly useful atm unless youve gto an extremely powerful comp. I generally take models to zbrush if I need to sculpt, though I always have some fun trying to achieve similar results in blender.