Blender sculpt - monster (head)

Hello everybody, here’s a head sculpt that I sculpted in Blender 2.57, hope you like it, criticism and opinions are well accepted!
Today is my first day of study on sculpt, I watched some videos for example, after I was trying to create something, and just this bizarre thing out there, but at first had the idea of ​​an alien, but my imagination did not fail , then left it.:RocknRoll:
I made some high resolution renders for you to see fine details.

NOTE: it has 699,444 vertices and 699,328 faces

  • click on images to enlarge::eyebrowlift:

See you later! :spin:

the details look very nice, but i think you shouldve spent some more time on the very basic shapes before doing them. the flat top looks a little strange, the forehead should be much rounder and the eyes are way too high. other than that it looks promising. you might wanna go back a few subdivisions and try to work on those basic shapes more to get the most out of your sculpt.

Only thing I might say is that the upper half of the head seems texturally mis-matched compared to the rest of the head, although coloring may change perception of things. If I were to color the creature and not change anything about the model, I would give it a dark forehead & a light(er) face. But that’s me. :stuck_out_tongue: