Blender sculpting, why not use existing functions from ZBrush

There’s no such thing as a free lunch.

I thought I saw something called… Blender… you also got a dessert, but maybe I was just dreaming.

The thing is that something like ZSpheres would be a nice addition to Blender, I’m not talking about getting a new software. It’s just a improvement of the meta balls (I think).

Who would like this function in blender?

Well, learn some C# and get coding! What are you waiting for? :smiley:
I believe a lot of people would love just about everything in Blender, and most
of them - can have it, it’s a community effort…not so much “ask-and-get” as

It would be nice to have an option for new geometry to be dynamically created, merged, deleted, and split while in sculptmode, so you use the draw brush for example and if you pull out the geometry enough it makes new geometry to preserve a smooth shape as you continue to pull it out so you can then proceed to do things like loop-de-loops and coils just with the draw brush.

This won’t be the same as voxel sculpting, it will still all be polygons and can still be vertex painted, UVmapped, ect… The multires modifier will attempt to make lower subdivision levels by un-subdividing the model to where level 0 would make the dyanamically added or changed geometry look cubic or even round, but low poly.

Blender’s market price may be zero but feature development isn’t costless which means someone needs to devote their time/resources to produce them. Either someone pays through financial means like donating to the Blender Foundation or someone spends their leisure time working on them instead of doing countless other things.

‘There’s no such thing as a free lunch’ is actually one of the very few Laws of Economics.

C# wouldn’t do you much good in this case…

[never mind]

This isn’t a good approach in MHO.
When you do surface sculpting(polygons)you want to have full control over the mesh,changing the topology without an explicit will by the user isn’t acceptable,you can have easily an ugly mesh
the new multires is able to propagate topology changes between subdivision levels,so you should have all what you want(the only thing that bother me is that new faces displacement data interpolation seems not working well,I hope this should be rethinked and improved a bit)

For ZBrush, zspheres is neccessary to create a good base mesh, but in blender… well we have a whole edit mode.

All we really need are 3D viewport optimizations, more brushes, and masking. The ability to combine brushes would also be nice.

But for now I’ll just use ZBrush.

I think will create a script for this (even tho I just know a little python) with some help from this forum.

You know, while I applaud the idea of Blender becoming a feature rich product that stands on it’s own against a bunch of stuff that costs money, I’m wary of this… “That app has this so why don’t we rip it off in Blender” mentality. These people spend a bunch of time developing thier own ideas and workflows. There is a lot of IP and costly development in apps and I think Blender should find it’s own voice. Etch_A-Ton is a great example. Sure we should have cool features but not at the expense of just ripping off other people’s IP.


what’s so wrong with making blender better? So that it could fit different artists needs?

I definitely agree with Gleen. Using philosophy to check other 3d packages and rip nice features into Blender is way to hell.

Open source point of view is never GIMP is to be free Photoshop, Firefox to be free Explorer or Open Office to be free MS Office. This attitude would be very very bad and also rather impolite to all open source coders.

It’s not about copying, it’s about making it better

Actually I don’t know where they write it, but they say that they are taking the best features from other softwares to make chrome better, that’s how it’s supposed to be

Adding alot of new features wouldn’t make blender automatically better, it would make it bloated, like alot of applications.

If you let the developers concentrate on refining the current areas of blender, so when when 2.5 comes out it has a very solid foundation for it to grow from, then the developers CAN choose what areas they would like to work on, as it is there decision at the end of the day, we can say we want Zbrush in blender, but currently that will not happen and i don’t see a problem with that.

There are a few diffrent sculpting programs now Zbrush, Mudbox and 3Dcoat that is quite abit of choice.

I honestly don’t see the problem to be honest, in blender you can model a character, even out of cubes and get it looking nice with the Multi-res/ sculpting, if you know what you are doing. I mean that’s what the modeling tools are there for.

EDIT: Having the options to paint normal maps, that would be very welcome, by the way i don’t have a problem with bringing features in that currently can’t be done and would help alot. But i just feel the idea of Zspheres in blender a waste of time as you have a full set of tools that are way better and allow more control than Zspheres.

Maybe the developers must focus on refining the current features and add smaller and useful functions like sculpting directly onto the normal map. Because there are almost no request for this feature, the developers time have to go to something else. But if there are anyone that would like to write such a script, that would be awesome. I will try, but for the moment I have a lot to do and I’m not a very gifted programmer.

I think you should take a second look at ZSpheres. Maybe you should go through a very good tutorial which explain them. ZSpheres are the most intuitive modeling tool I’ve ever seen. I guess you’re doing something wrong (probably the start where you have the first three ZSpheres right) if you can’t work well with them.

Hi renderdemon,

Could you let me know in a little more detail what displacement interpolation isn’t working well? I don’t doubt there are some bugs in it, but I haven’t gotten a lot of feedback on that feature yet :slight_smile:


I think you should take a second look at ZSpheres. Maybe you should go through a very good tutorial which explain them. ZSpheres are the most intuitive modeling tool I’ve ever seen. I guess you’re doing something wrong (probably the start where you have the first three ZSpheres right) if you can’t work well with them.

I was close to give up, thought I was the only one who would like the feature. But you are totally right. I will start working on ZSpheres (or BSpheres) soon!

Don’t think they have software patents Down Under so the only way this argument works is if someone were to steal the source code of zbrush and graft it on to blender.

Ideas fail the test of ‘property’ mainly because their reproduction doesn’t deprive the original ‘owner’ from it’s full use.

nice idea…

i also just stumbled upon an app called 3dsmax… it has a nice features set:

if Blender can implement ZBrush features as well as 3dsmax features, it can take over the world… or maybe the universe… :slight_smile: