Blender Searchengine

Hi guys.
Im reading through this forum quite a while now but its the first time i`m posting here.
I’ve had the idea of creating a searchengine just for Blender and things related to blender (free textures etc.).
It would be a spidering searchengine, so you could for example even search for a special word or phrase within the blender documentation or things like that (like Google site-search).
Or you could search for special tutorials just by typing i.e. tutorial +head (for a head tutorial). as a result you would only get blender tutorials, because the websites which are spidered by the searchengines are “handselected”.
What do you think of such an idea?

I recently made a testrun and allready spidered about 3500 documents.

I would love to do this, but its only worth the work if there is a general interest in such a searchengine.
So please give me some feedback on that.


Well, why not? is very nice idea and if you are up to it, go for it.
Only time will tell how usefull that kind of searchengine would be, but as far i can see there is certain specialization going on with searchengines alltogether, so I can see this kind of program specific engine gainign moderate success.

blend junkie i think its a great idea.

i am all for somthign like that, i compiled a list of software that people would benifit from using, i think that a categorised list with only the best of the best for everything would work well. i don’t think the search engine needs to be too large otherwise it gets culttered, but it does need to be expansive


I’d use it all the time. I am constantly digging around for information and ideas related to blender. You might want to cross paths with the and the sites also.

I just want to say that i admire the fact that you suggested a way to improve things and then did it. Very few people (including myself) ever get a good idea and do it themselves. That is a very good character quality.

that’s the idea behind it. it is the same with me. i really do love blender and there is a huge community behind it, but i think in some cases it is quite teared apart. sometimes it is not quite easy to find the informations you are searching for. especially for newbies. i never knew that there is such a huge amount of scripts and tutorials for blender until i found the threads about them here on elysiun. the 3500 documents the engine spidered during the testrun were only gathered from a few sites. mainly and yafray. so it was no big deal to find so many documents in quite a short time. imagine putting some “work” in searching for blendersites and spidering them. i believe the engine will easily find more than 10.000 or even 15.000 documents related to blender. i currently have about 70 gigs webspace left so it would be no problem to host such a database.

i think i will give it a try and talk to some people at and
Do you have some names for me, who i should talk to?

Best regards…

I would contact Stephano. He’s probably just getting over publishing the new guide so be gentle with him. There is a documentation forum at the .org site with others there also. Dsoberia would be the one to reach at the training site. Also I highly recommend you contact Iaminnocent here. He is the main one that initiated the tutorials list. He might have some ideas for you also.

That’s an awesome idea. Seriously. I would use it alot. And I mean alot :slight_smile:

Thanks a lot for all your c&c.
I think i will give it a try. I`m currently working on a first “quick&dirty” design.
There will be several Realms you can search in.

Official blender sites ( etc)
textures / galleries
other / third party (yafray etc)

or you can search the entire database. currently i have almost 5000 documents in the database and still spidering *gggg

There will be no direct link to add urls to the searchengine to prevent automated subscribtions which are not related to blender.
instead there will be a feedback form where everybody can suggest new sites. this way it will be a combination of catalog based searchengines like yahoo and spidering searchengines like google.

Well, let`s wait and see :smiley:
i will talk to some people so that it might be a little bit supported.
i mean, a searchengine which noone knows of is kinda senceless, eh? :wink:
After that it could be public accessible within 2 or 3 days.


This might be a great idea in combination with the BlenderBase. One website where you can find anything you need to know.

Fantastic idea, there’s tons of documentation and tutorials, etc, for Blender, but finding them on a normal search engine like google takes hours to sort through the home appliance sites.

Perhaps you could work out a way for people to submit links yahoo style, in categories, and allow visitors to report links that weren’t blender related or rate the usefulness. That would aid in making the list as large and effective as possible.

Well it seems there is some need to concentrate informations related to blender. i’m working on the searchengine. I based it on phpnuke.
there will be a spidering searchengine as i allready mentioned above and there will be a catalog based searchengine were you can submit links. Why two of them?
Well, it’s quite normal that a spidering searchengine can’t provide the quality of information, a catalog does. But if you are searching for special news, tutorials or textures, you need a full text-index of the websites in the database.
Currently the spidering searchengine has about 6.000 websites in its index. that’s not the problem. what makes my head ache, is the catalog and the other features i want to provide. there is so much to do and so little time :wink:
i.e. i want to provide webspace for the people who wrote scripts or made some cvs builds from blender or tuhopuu and don’t have the necessary webspace to upload them.
i want to do that, because there are so many good scripts and addons out there for blender, but they are extremely hard to find in the forums. especially for newbies.
so i think a mor centralized place for them would be good.

Well, let’s see. i think i will put up the raw version of the website this evening. Don’t expect to much right now, but you will be able to search the whole database right now.

See you guys… :slight_smile:

[!] wow you are really going for it. That’s great [!] You are doing a great service to us all. I hope you remain inspired to get the job done. There’s not much help from me other than acknowledgement and encouragement. Thanks a lot.

Well, just as promised. The first version of the new blender searchengine is online.
As i just said, don’t expect too much of content right now.
There are now more than 8.000 documents listed in the database. But everything around is quite empty up to now :wink:
The entries in the searchengine are divided in several Realms. In Documentation for example you can search for every keyword in the official Documentation found at and the spanish version at kino’s site.
Special Realms for Scripts will be added soon. Also i will try to improve the accuracy of the results.
There are even all the news on the indexed websites saved to the databse. The only thing the spider does not index, are forums. This would increase the database to much. In the beginning i accidently indexed one of the bigger sited including the forums and ended up with more than 40.000 enties only for this site.
That doesn’t make sense eh?

So, give it a try and have fun.
Many more features and content about to come…

greetings from Germany… :wink:

Shit, totally forgot to mention the URL :smiley:

And by the way, never mind the current design. I will change it to somewhat more professional. It has just been nailed together to get the site up. :smiley:

Look great :smiley: I sent a url for my site to thru your “request a site” thingy :smiley: Hope it can get added.

You’ve got mail from me.
I allready added your site to the database.
i also sent you some tips to improve your site for blendersearch.

Best regards


you’re scary :smiley:

Thanks oxman :smiley:

:slight_smile: I’m glad you took it in the way it was meant :smiley: