Blender Security Issue :(


I am an ICT teacher wanting to teach blender, but…

The school network manager won’t install it because it gives student direct access to the C drive.

Does anybody know how we can change this part of blender so it will stop access to the C drive.

Thank you for any help on this matter, i currently have some very sad students :frowning:

Blender does not give access (or take access away) from anything. If there are files and directories that a student should not have access to, this should be addressed at the OS level. Blender will do nothing to override this.

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I may be off-base here but I think what you’re asking is about usage, not installation. If it is installation, then that really should be an “administrator” function - you can install blender “anywhere” but you do need to be able to run the installer which defaults to the system drive.

If you are trying to deal with running the application, after install, you’ll need to go into the setup for each installation and configure the paths. Fortunately, blender uses a default file for layout and paths - you can create a “configuration file” on one system and replace it on each system. Copy the “Blender.blender” .B.blend file from your “control” system setup to any other system. As long as they don’t have access to other [C: drive] directories you should be fine.

Hope that helps.

Thank you both for responding, i really do appreciate it very much :slight_smile:

Installing it isn’t the problem, the network manager just simply won’t do it, because when the students go to the load/save options they can view the C drive, which under standard windows programs they can’t see.

Jambay, thanks, i will pass that along.

What they have told me is… While the C drive is normally invisible to the students certain parts of it, such as temp files have to be read/write for other software to work and they are concerned some students will use blender to access these files and abuse the system!!!

Thanks again.

Complain about how it is about education of the students, and he is paid to serve the students through computer maintenance.

The contents maybe invisible, but anyone who has the same operating system knows where they are, and just because you can see they files does not mean you have read or write access.

You could also use a virtual machine.

You could also just draw a bunch of images on paper and flip through them. That is fairly secure.

Your IT manager is either:

A) New and wants to proof his status


B) and imbecile


C) is misinformed and not a very good IT manager.

Even if blender can SEE the hard drive, the students cant access anything.

Thanks for the feedback and support…

I hadn’t thought about the virtual machine, i will use that as the fall back option.

I also though of contradiction… we have visual studio installed… if we have a student skilled enough to use blender to abuse the system, they can certainly use visual studio to do far worse.

Thanks again.