Blender selection HELL

This is the sample scene, now when I click on the cube, the plane get selected.
Clicking on the cube again and again does not make Blender cycles through the zdepth to eventually select the object [which is what 3DS Max does which is AWESOME].

The only way to select the cube would be to rotate the viewport so that only the cube is what the mouse is clicking instead of the plane behind it or hide the plane itself in the inspector view, both of this technique JUST to select is retarded !

How do you make the mouse select what is in front visually which is what EVERYONE expects in the first place ?

With Strg (Ctrl) you can click through the Plane.
With Alt, a little Pop-Up appears to select the objects.

What version of Blender? What operating system? What graphic card?
What is your configuration in User Preferences > System > Selection?


I’ve also encountered those selection problems in 2.8. It happens in wireframe as well. Even if I’m right on top of the wire it selects something behind. Selecting lamps and auxilliary objects also seems to be difficult.


You just opened my eyes to yet another unknown part of Blender to me, do you know what these does ?

There is an option in UserPrefs to make blender used the z-buffer when selecting. It’s a lifesaver for me, and sounds like it woould help out.

Behavior may vary depending on your operating system, graphics card and drivers, that’s why I was curious to know that information:

You try different combinations in those settings, including “OpenGL Depth Picking”

And I was also curious about the Blender version. If problem is in 2.8, for now this is irrelevant. You may or may not have different kinds of problems in 2.8

opengl select always works the best for me. its slower for really big scenes but the accuracy is worth it.