Blender selects other stuff than I'm clicking on

So I don’t know if this is normal or not but I don’t get it with other programs like Maya.
When I click on a bone driver shape or a bone or even an object it selects other stuff that’s close around and other times it works.
For example, If I have 10 objects (cubes) very close to eachother and I click one of them, there is 50% change Blender selects the next cube.
I animate a lot and it’s slowly driving me crazy.
This doesn’t happen everytime but 50% of the time which is a lot. Sometimes I have to click 3-5 times on a bone before it actually selects THAT bone.

  • I select with left click.
  • I Always had this problem.
  • I have a gts 250 video card.

you could try selecting objects from the outliner instead of the 3D window

Yes but that will not be the most efficient workflow, it’ll be actually slower than now because I have 30-70 objects in a scene.
For animating a character and selecting bones this will not even work.

Maybe this is how Blender works, are any of you experiencing this or everytime you click on something that thing is highlighted?

thank me later.

I’ll thank you now, holly molly that’s amazing!

hehe so many hidden gems in blender :cool: