blender sensei and zero brush 1.5

In the last year we’ve seen a surge of many improved texturing and sculpting tools and updates to existing 3d modelling programs. Modo, 3d coat, super cheap versions of Maya, etc. What I’m trying to ferret out is how good, relatively, is Zero Brush?
I bought it. It seems awesome. In fact for texturizing detail, painting, and baking it seems hard to beat. But … I have to yet to really delve into it. I did set up a seprate copy of Blender with sensei brush just for painting and texturiing. However, I’m still in the middle of a project. Which I plan to shift my mesh over there for final texturzing.
So could someone clarify how zero brush compares to other tools? Cause, again, it seems pretty good, but I never see any rave threads about the wonders of blender sensei and zero brush.


Zero Brush seems to be very interesting. I’m new to ZB, so I don’t know answer to your question.

But I watched few videos about it, and it seems to focus on texturing, with color, specularity, bump and normals. But in any video I didn’t see anything how to use those textures in normal cycles nodal material setup. Rendering is done a usual, but the final touch of material is what I need.

If somebody knows, I’d be interested.

Thanks . I see how the texturing can be laid on a mesh easily and then a displacement, bump, and diffuse texture map baked from that. Which I cant wait to try. And it seems to do it fast. Im wondering how it stands up to other products like 3d coat?

Seems to work well, a bit more ‘native’ and intuitive as a Blender user, good videos and a manual!!! Duh. Some ‘kinks’ to work out, but I suspect they are “platform errors” i.e., the guy in the chair learning the ropes.

An update was just pushed out to subscribers for the paid version. The Free version will get you a taste, but the cost of the Full version is hardly a deterrent for the value. I am finding it more useful with usage.