.blender settings location in osx


i downloaded this file from pepeland

and want to use it in osx.

Where should i put the .blender folder? If i put it in the app folder it doesnt work.


You need to put the .blender folder in you home directory.
In my case it is Macintosh HD/Users/richardmarklew/.blender/icons

It won’t work if you put it in the blender.app


It doesnt seem to work. I put it in my ~/.blender
but it is not using the .B.blend file.

If i configure my prefs and save with ctrl-u they are saved each time I load blender.

It must be using another location for the file.

Thanks for any help.

The .B.blend file should be in the Users/name/ folder beside the .blender folder - not in the .blender folder.

That’s correct. The png file needs to be in the icons folder as in my earlier post.


perfect. thanks guys