Blender Shadow Remove \ HDR Emulator (looks like Akvis HDR in Photoshop)

Hi! i’ve made some analog of PS remove shadows option (its seems like akvis hdri emulator in blender)

Compose_Shadow_Remover_0.1_.blend (683 KB)

Blender Shadow Remove 0.3 done

Compose_Shadow_Remover_0.3_Killer_.blend (674 KB)

Looks pretty good. Best test would be to use texture over simple geometry and relight the “Shadowless” texture in Blender. Also I wonder if you could try to make the image sort of linear?

Also its weird but I can’t see the nodes in the compositor layout, only your 2 comp screens?

Do I guess correctly that it uses Separate YCbCr or similar and replaces the luminance channel with some constant value? And then mixes in some of the original minus blurred high frequency details?