Blender shallow water system

Hi all,

I want to animate a beach scene where water / waves from the ocean move towards the beach. But using the Blender’s fluid simulation I could not make it. The problem is the water behaves incorrectly if it goes thinner and thinner when it moves along the beach over the sand. The Blender fluid simulation is good for bigger fluids like in a cup, for splash scenes or whatever. But I need a thin water film moving on a surface towards the sand of a beach, also the influence on wind on water’s surface I could not get using Blender fluid simulation.
As I investigated the simulation technique ies called “shallow water system”.

Something like this:

Is this possible using Blender? Or other question how can I simulate water moving along a surface more realisticly in Blender?

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some years went over - is there any possibility to get this done in current version of Blender (2.79b)?

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Hi xalener,

thanks but this is not what I wanted. With this you cannot simulate waves fading out at the beach as presented in the video of my 1st post.

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18 month more are gone now.
Is there any update on this issue? How do I simulate waves fading out at the beach using Blender?