Blender, shape keys and Ogre

I have spent a few weeks learning Blender and Ogre 3D. Everything was going great up until i decided to try and put them together.

I need to do facial animation so I am trying to export a mesh with shape keys from blender to ogre. From what I read in the documentation of the exporter, my defined shape keys should show up at the exporter window under the Pose section. But they don’t and now I can’t figure out how to get the shape keys to the 3D engine so i could do morphs there.

I tried different blenders (2.4.2 - 2.4.5 RC2) and different pythons (2.3-2.5) just to be sure but no luck.

This project is part of my degree research so it is very important for me to get it working. Any advice or idea is most welcome. Could i be doing something wrong with the mesh? Would I have better luck with exporting to some other 3D engine? Is there anyone out there who has actually exported shape keys to ogre successfully?

I am very sorry, posted this thread in the wrong section (meant for it to go under Animation Support).
Been up for several nights, trying to get this thing to work.

Could someone with the needed abilities move this to the right location please? Thank you!