Blender ship project

Hey there, I’m still new here.:rolleyes:

I’ve been trying to model a ship in blender.

I thought that modelling a ship in blender was a good project to start off with, since I predict that ships would include many features of blender. (I predicted that the most likly features that I thought that I was going to use, would be NURBS (for the general hull), bezier (for those odd, cylindrical parts) and polygons, which would be the deck, the superstructure and any navigational lights.

Of coarse, I needed to mostly learn them by myself.

So, after 2 attempts (first one was good, but not perfect, the second one is better.) I found that I had a good ship to play around with. (I hope the moderators don’t mind this picture, the picture its self has been uploaded onto an image-hosting website, while it’s formatted so that it appears when users load the thread up, which it technically, isn’t a link any more).

And indeed, it uses NURBS and bezier curves for the majority of the model (the hull is completely NURBS, the propeller is completely bezier, the deck is actually going to be polygons).

But, what I wonder, is if this can be imported into virtual sailor (the work wouldn’t be such a waste then), there’s so little information on how to do that from blender (lots of stuff about it on sketchup 7 though.) that I have to post a post here myself, come to think about it, there hasn’t been much on the subject relating to blender at all.

I wonder if anyone could give me tips on how to export models to virtual sailor (including animations, which would include the propeller and a pair of on-board cranes (when I get round to modelling them and then, maybe animating them), I would appreciate the advice. :slight_smile:

Thanks for reading this post.

Does VS use .x files ? If so enable the .x file exporterin the File / User Preferences / Addons / import-export panel and see if that works
Some tutorials I see export a .3ds file from sketchup. You can enable 3ds export from the same place as above.

(I hope the moderators don’t mind this picture, the picture its self has been uploaded onto an image-hosting website,
No problem, though you did start your thread in the wrong forum.

Probably, this is only my third post.

and the reason that I said that quote, was because the image its self was a link, and the forum rules state that there’s no links allowed in posts unless I had 10 or more posts (look at rule 4b on the forum rules).

But the picture was uploaded to imageshack, so strictly speaking, it’s a URL, but it’s not a hyperlink (a link, most commonly recognised with a http://, and normally highlighted in a blue colour by default which you can click on and get redirected).

But… anyway lets get on with the thread.

Yes, that’s another grey area for me… Yes, it is to do with virtual sailor… But it is to do with blender too… Since it related to both, I didn’t know which form to put it on.

So I put it on which forum was more relevant to the topic I was going to discuss, which is animations and general modelling. (Both areas overlap.)

The only thing I do know fully, is that yes, VS does handle Direct .X files. The file type, which I know next to nothing about.