Blender Shirt on Zazzle? Does BF get any money?

Say, I saw this the other day…

and I got to thinking, does the Blender Foundation get any money from these?


Heay that guy has a problem there. The logo may only be used by a given answere. And I think that guys didn’t asked Ton about using it, so maybe we can handle something. Mmmhhh I think someone needs to contact Ton about that because I think on the Blender logo there’s a copyright, trademark or what else patent. And using without asking it’s creator can create problems and even big Bills :smiley:

Did someone reported this to Ton? We need to. :-?

SUE!!! lol

Cease and desist mofos! Blatant copyright infringement. Yada Yada yada…although i’d quite like one of them tees.

I hate to say it, but I’d like one of those Tees as well. easier (and cheaper) than the blender eshop for USA people.

Perhaps this guy has a deal worked out with Ton already?


Nope, no deal here. Not only is it rather naughty and probably copyright infringement, but the logo (trademark) has also been modified, which is a no-no.

hmmmmm. I like the white much better than the black ones :smiley:

I agree with Broken, the intellectual property violation is wrong, and I believe once the copyright holder (Blender Foundation) contacts, the shirt will go away.

However, it is my hope that the blender foundation considers offering a few “official” blender shirts through I would assume BF would make less money, however the frustration and effort would be considerably lower for all involved.

Just a consideration, now that I know the shirt is most likely contraband I won’t be purchasing one.


By the way, how did you happen come across this?

I was over on checking out some weird artwork and saw a link to Zazzle.

On a whim I punched in blender and the shirt came up.

I figured it would be best to notify the group, didn’t know if it was legit or not.

Now it seems it most likely isn’t legit.

Ahh well


Nope isn’t legal at all. Modifying the logo or using it for commercial goals even when it’s GPL, you can get a bill about that. Well atleast when Ton didn’t said he may use it. MMmhh, well actually the t-shirt isn’t that bad, but I would like to see him donating some money if he sells some. :-?

the creator might not be aware that its in the public domain.

might have just created it for himself. (no it isn’t me)

I have thought of doing this with a 3d blender logo cos i can’t find any blender t shirts i like.

so just ask nicley i’m sure it’ll be taken down. If it is SSSSUUUUUEEEEEE !

Apparantly this offer is already there since 2002. I don’t really mind when individuals use the logo for tees. This is a very simple and cheap method to get that done too. Also note that such a service is just like what you can get at most copy stores, which is a (copier) print hot-glued on the shirt.

Our tees are silk screen prints, which is much more expensive to make, but also superior in quality.
Just doing 100 shirts typically is an investment of about 800 USD. And selling a 100 is also about the maximum feasible per year, that’s why we don’t have a lot of choice in our shop typically, it’s just a fun extra, which hardly covers the expenses we make for it.
When shirts get out of stock we make new ones, and I guess next edition is time for a straight simple white shirt. :slight_smile:

Officially, for commercial products, only the BF has the right to use the Blender logo yes. And on my very long eternal todo is still to upload logo templates to with clear guidelines what’s possible with it…

Hey Matt… I think I found the guy…

Scroll down… same nickname (SUPERDUBER) used to sell the shirts…