Blender Shop for commercial games?

What do you think? It is possible?
Or we must ask Ton? :slight_smile:

Like App Store, Android Market, and upcoming Chrome Market.

I think it’s highly do-able. But what’s the platform. PC’s ? maybe a game shop, cross market. Handhelds, PC’s - what-nut. Maybe consoles.

I think the main problem is to have people on payroll going through the entries. You got to have some kind of quality assurance, like App Store.

Out of that people might get help on tweaking their GameKit creations.

Maybe a 3rd installation next to the institute and foundation. Taking 30% of the revenue generated, and use the money for payrolls and hire fulltime developers for blender.

Me , I see the DVD’s , games and books generated by the community is mostly consumed by the community. People buying Sintel for example are mostly into blender as hobbyists or pros.

A gameshop might/will-most-likely bring in money from people who has no commitment to blender.

Well it depends where you are going to host it.
If you plan on selling them on the eshop page, then obviously you have to contact them but if you are hosting it on your own site, then I don’t see why you should tell them. Obviously it is good for them to know that blender is used for commercial games.

I think appstore, and android market will beat the “blender” game shop for hand held devices.

steam will surely beat on the PC/Mac (soon linux) game market. Anyone had a game published under steam? I’m curious to do a simple small blender game and sell on steam. If they accept the code.

Blender-Steam of sorts, yes, Tivo-i-sation of the BGE in a sense, or software as service,
that could work and is something I’ve been wondering about myself.

But it would have to be a Institute child project,
at least until it’s proven stable & mature in market(preferably even longer, perhaps).

Don’t see this being of much point otherwise.


not sure I entirely agree, but to a reasonable extent I suppose… :slight_smile:

An important note to be made indeed.

And there in lies the problem, blenderplayer is GPL(v.2)-ed, Tivo-ization could work,
but third party(steam etc.) solutions in this case are likely out of question.

As you say already, BlenderShop games can get money to Blender foundation. I think there is many non-blender-user will buy games.
And I think this will good for the community: maybe users and/or teams will start to make serious games.
Of course some quality check needed. Apple Store is a bad example I think because there is many many very bad and primitive applications.

Idea of this topic coming from a very good Blender game that I found in this forum:

And of course: I want to make some commercial and quality games and I want to make money.

Sorry for my bad english.

Haha it would be a very empty store though wouldn’t it??

Well, the official unveiling doesn’t have to come until some games,
even just smaller ones actually get finished, or perhaps couple get announced with pre-order availability. :slight_smile:

Who would be dumb enough to pre-order a blender game?
I did for Yo Frankie ( a rare release of any substantial game) but when it was released it was as buggy as hell.

pre-order is not a good thing, but a demo is good
check that color cube game that I linket, it has a demo - very good game!

yofrankie was a technical development, not a real game

I would think demo a vitality. :rolleyes:

Anyway’s my point being, this would definitely have to be properly prepared for,
with perhaps if at all possible working together with at least one well accomplished indie
developer/studio (preferably specializing in the creation of digital deliverables) as a lead
game/project or even an institutes own game project in works before such a publishing biz. is to be officially announced.

Off course the real issue here is the financial capital needed to even start such a venture. :eek:

Practically though this could give a steady stream of capital
for the institute to have a few new developer positions available in time,
with the problem being the initial investment it would take,
so yeah nice discussion but nothing trivial, most obviously.

Yo Frankie appeared tio be rushed at the end to get something out. As helping to develop blender great, but as far as I could see, it demonstrated how deficient the game engine was at creating modern games. I believe the game engine can do better than that, hence any commercial game has to stand up against any others games that are out there. These appear to be very few in number.

That’s a great idea. Well you have my vote on this one.

I would be creating loads of games if there was some sort of blender gme shop where I could publish it for money. Am sure me and my team could do something finished for that.

demos are more important than pre order.

with a demo you can infrome a future customer base about the product
without risking that they buy and than dislike it.

if the demo does not convince they would not buy it anyway.

also a demo is like a public beta testing to gain more stability and user feedback.

With the iPhone app store, there are several marketing services which will put out links or market your game during other apps, and you pay them a little per click, and a commission per sales.

iPhone games made using Blender could certainly benefit from such a service via blender: You get your game sold in the Blender Shop, and Blender Foundation gets a cut of sales. Worst case scenario is that your game gets no sales through the agreement, but best is more sales for both the game creators AND the Blender foundation.

Yup, asked my boss and he recommended Linkshare. The Blender store would just list all the games made using Blender. If any of those links got clicked, thus taking you to the app store, Blender would get referral credit, and make a cut off the purchase. Additionally, it tags Blender upon taking you into the app store, so Blender would actually get a cut off of ANY purchases the click leads to, blender-related or not. So if the user buys the Blender game, plus five games recommended as similar in genre, all of those are accredited to Blender getting the word out.

I for one wouldn’t say no to this :slight_smile:

The thing here is to ask whether custom GameKit applications would be included in the scheme? If so, I would be more than interested in the selling of games through the Blender Store, with a reasonable cut to Blender.

I’m quite gung-ho about the GameKit engine as I love the idea of putting out games where the art/animation content is immediately accessible for both education & modification in Blender; yet acknowledge & support the concept that there is some code that needs to remain protected for “product sales” to be a viable business. I support the open source concept in all it’s varieties, not just copyleft :slight_smile:

And of course: I want to make some commercial and quality games and I want to make money.

and there in lies my QA (Quality Assurance) statement, the App Store was maybe a bit to hard reference :smiley: but if I put it like this.

Some of us would love to make games, and make money out of it. And bring a part of that $ income to blender development.

I see scenarios where a developer/or team of devs. of blender games that’s selling can review for a small fee, newly added games.

Not to say “No! you can’t have this material in your game” , but more to help out. I think that would be really helpful for anybody trying to get into the market.

“Yeah your enemy AI here is a bit, hard on the system. I’ve faced that problem before, I solved it like this” and hand them a sample blender game that they can check out the source for.

Be that, Python, or C++ wrapped in python or just Logic Bricks … but it would sure make a more “social” network feel and help bring good games with maybe no that good execution up to a standard that benefits everyone involved on the platform.

I think a platform where you can make money, and have 30% of the income revenue go to blender development/foundation and still has a decent protection on your creation.

For me I wouldn’t mind to share the source openly as long I can have a CC_BY_SA license or something assigned to the models/animations I’ve done.

And somewhat overall protection for all so noone can just rip our games, and try and get them onto steam etc.

I would like to protect some aspects of the game, like maybe a game character is something I’m using in other product markets and I want that to have “no commercial reproductions” of, but all the game logic etc I could share so people could make the same type of games, but with their own content.

when you say GameKit do you mean the Blender Game Engine ? or is GameKit a stand-alone player for BGE games.

:smiley: I am a bit lost here, since the GameKit I’am used to is from Apple.