Blender shop is unreliable.:(

Nearly a month ago I bought about 100 Euros worth of goods(books and clothing) from the Blender shop, and they still haven’t mailed the goods out!

In fact, when I rang Western Union they told me the Blender shop hasn’t even picked up the money! The money has been sitting there nearly a month waiting for them to pick up. That’s very rude of the Blender shop don’t you think? I was wondering has anyone else had this problem?

have you contacted the Blender shop?

There probably has been a slip up somewhere, did you get confirmation mails for your order? I ordered stuff from the site a few times and never had any problems with it. They do take a bit long though, about a week to ship, and shipping stuff nationally usually takes 2 days max here. We have a good transportation network.

Yeah first thing to do is to contact them

Once I thought that something was taking a long time from them… it turns out the postman delivered it to the front door and it was sitting there for a while (don’t use the front door)

Truth be told, I did contact the Blender shop on December 3rd regarding my order that I ordered around the 23rd November.

On December 4th, Anja from the Blender shop wrote back wanting the Western Union MTCN number so they can pick up the money. I sent the MTCN number to her on that day and I haven’t heard back since.

And now nearly a month later, the money still hasn’t been picked up, my Blender goods haven’t been sent out, and no one from the Blender shop has contacted me.

That’s bad, maybe there’s a problem with the western UNION MTCN number? maybe they just have no rights somehow to withdraw that money? I dunno. I would contact them again, hear their side of the story, and have it fixed or get your money back.