Blender short Animation : Time goes by.. even in Doom, LBA, Wipe'out, etc.

Hi every one!

I wanted to share with you my blender animation :

Please let me know what you think about it.

Thanks for watching! :smiley:


High quality visuals! kind of slow and not a whole lot of animation.

I know that there’s a reference to video games here, but I don’t get the point of the video.

Very nice and well made, bravo!!! I just wasn’t to sure what is was about for the first half but i had a smile as i was reading along. Maybe that’s a problem, a had to read to know.

The point of the video is, as i see it, when time goes by we tend to abandon thing and forget about them.


Thanks for your reply. The video is just about remembering when I was kid. I have spend hundred of hours on those video games. Now, they’re just abandoned toys that are getting old and unusable.

This is just a little tribute to those games. :smiley:

Once, I was on internet reading about ID software and Doom games. And I felt very old when I saw that the game is 20 years old (!) That’s make me want to create this video. I wanted to bring focus on the “old age” of those famous video games.

when time goes by we tend to abandon thing and forget about them.” : That’s it! I don’t want to forget those game, they’re like my “Blanket” lol

Thanks for watching!

Awesome work, incredibly beautiful, lol that made me nostalgic for the old afterschool toonami for some reason. It reminds me of that one thing they use to play with the narration over the OutlawStar clips.

Hi Ocyd,
Thanks for your reply! I’m glad it make you nostalgic, it’s globally the point :smiley:

that was some nice visuals – i’m glad i watched it. i read the comments first, though, which probably helped. i’m not sure i would have gotten the point either without that. what was the total time spent on the project? was it all blender or was there processing with other apps?

Hi, It was clear in my head, but I should have make it differently lol. Next time I’ll try to ask someone before. Just to be sure I’m not doing something ununderstandable :smiley:

Everything was made in blender, yes. Even the montage and the texts. (Just a background was made with Gimp)

Thanks for your reply!