Blender Shortcuts

I’ve used Blender for 2 years now, and of course I’m very familiar with the interface and the shortcuts.
My problem is that, Maya is SO WEIRD! I like the idea of the QWER shortcuts, but I really want to have Blender-like shortcuts in it. Speaking of which, why is there no extrude shortcut by default!? I have gotten use to the interface in Maya, but the shortcuts are seriously bugging me.

Does anybody know do this? I know I could just do my modelling in Blender, and render and materialize in Maya/Metal Ray, but I really want to learn how to use both programs properly.

I’m migrating because it’s the software of choice of the Animation School I’m going to attend to. I’m still going to use Blender for some things, but it’s necessary for me to learn Maya.

I’m sorry for posting this on a Blender forum, but it’s the best forum I’m aware of for 3D. Besides, people who’ve always used Maya properly wouldn’t know the shortcuts for Blender.

My advice is that if you are going to learn/use new software just learn those shortcuts for that package.

It is a pain, however. I use After Effects and Blender quite a bit and I am constantly trying to use the other program shortcuts in whichever program I am in.

I guess that’s my plan B.
But it would still be nice to know if there is a work-around.
I would normally learn the Stock Shortcuts, like I did with GIMP, Black Ink, Inkscape, etc. But these are just so weird that I cannot see any logic, whatsoever in them. That’s why I’m looking to take “the chicken route”. xD