Blender Shortfilm: Demon-Killer

Hi Everybody. My second Blender short Movie is finished. So I´d like to get some reviews. Its completely made in Blender, cuttet in windows movie maker, sound is also cuttet in movie maker. Hope you like it. Here is the link.

ok, crit time, first of all, particle blood? meh. i know you’re new or whatever but you could have used more shadows, some stuff looked like it was floating. well, that might have been a decent animation, but apart from the particle blood, the game engine could probably do that. i would expect a prerendered animation to look better.

there are some pros though, since this is your second work, i should probably cut you some slack. that was actually a pretty good animation for “second work.” i remember my second work in blender sucked. bad. i mean, being myself, i’m not expecting you to be a pro, so that was a really good work. but if i’m a critic who looks at all animations the same, you’re animation isn’t that great. actually, being a critic, i would say that the animation part of it was actually decent, just the look was bad.

oh yeah, welcome to blenderartists :cool: