Blender shows a gray screen when opened via TeamViewer


When I try to launch Blender on a remote PC via TeamViewer, I get a gray screen. It seems that Blender can’t render the interface.

The remote PC works on Windows 10 Pro and has no monitor.

It is possible that headless pc does not have opengl graphics initialized, which Blender uses for rendering its UI.


Hmmm… There’re many people with headless render farms. How do they set up Blender then?

Using the headless Blender :slight_smile: Checkout the command line flags for Blender executable.


Exactly, what kkar said. I use Amazon VMs for blender renderfarm and have never seen a UI of even the Ubuntu OS I use in VM images.

The problem was caused by a headless PC indeed. I solved it by emulating display connection via dummyplug. Thanks for giving me a clue!