Blender shows that my GTX gpu is compatible with OptiX. Is it true?

When I opened the preferences tab and went into Cycles render engine section, I saw that when I click on the OptiX tab, It shows that my GTX 1050Ti is compatible with OptiX. Is it correct?

Maybe it’s talking about a more general memory management scheme, but for the 2x speed up from the tensor cores in you will need an RTX card. It it doesn’t crash and renders faster I say use it.

Yes but don’t expect much speed as it gives to RTX cards. Could be nice if you can test and share your results.

Unfortunately, I tried to render with OptiX but Blender gave an CUDA error. So yeah, It doesn’t work ;-:

Currently this message in that thread (no need to compile by yourself, just use buildbot builds and launch blender as indicated there):

What is the error message you get? Optix does not support all Cycles features, not just for GTX cards.

By the way, for GTX cards you will not get better render time than with CUDA, but Optix denoiser (viewport and final render) is worth it. You can render with CUDA, and still use Optix denoiser (only for supported features by Optix in cycles for now).

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