Blender - shrek 1 & 2


I have a question to you all. Do you think that blender is powerful enough to create a movie like Shrek 1 & 2 ? Do you think blender have the functions that the movie need ? I looked at the movie last night, I think it a beautiful creation.

I’m just curios, this must be the right place to ask.


Blender’s character rigging features will need to become much more robust, I think.

An issue of 3D World magazine a few months ago (or was it last month?) had an article on the making of Shrek 2. Very insightful information on what a project of such calibre takes.

well atm there are lots of features missing (thinking of phisical stuff, cloth, long hair, etc.) but you know… a production like shrek has its own development section. so if they need better riggin features… they code better rigging features.

maybe blender will become interessting since it’s opensource and you dont need to write an app from scratch.

Shrek 1 and 2 was created using some of the world’s most high-end software with Mental Ray. Blender will need a lot of new things before it can create a movie precisly like that.

I’d say it isn’t going to happen immedately because they also cheated a lot with the lighting [among other things] in shrek, and no single person would be willing to work that hard on a single frame even if blender had those features

so, while it probably could do things like that [well, yeah, I guess except the dynamics], it would be a pain and take FOREVER to get stuff done.

Shrek wasn’t just powerful software and cool shaders, it was also a bleepload of people working hard for a long time.