Blender Shuts down when I click this button (Blend File included)

Blender 2.79 (and 2.78)
I want to remove an audio file from my project, but every time I click the “X” button for that audio file, the entire program shuts down. I have the same problem no matter what audio file I use MP3 or WAV. Is it me or is it Blender?

Any help is appreciated.

The Blend file is a very simple default project with an audio file added. That’s it. Nothing else.
Click image to see full resolution.


Bug.blend (3.51 MB)

I can reproduce it on my system with the provided file, and with my own. That needs to be reported on the bug tracker.

I tried it on Blender 2.79 5bd8ac9abfa

I signed up to report the bug, but I have a feeling that it will be overlooked anyhow. That’s what usually happens when you report bugs to places and developers. They usually never reply back unless it is a canned message that they send to everyone.

I can reproduce the problem when I click on the X icon (unlink data-block). Blender 2.79 on Linux 64bits.
Report please

Maybe you are confused and you talk about mailing list?
This is the site to report bugs:

Click above to the left, under “BF Blender”, “Report Bug” button. And you complete the form correctly with what they require there.
You can drag and drop the .blend file from your file browser to your web browser on the report form, then it appears with a code.

Edit 2:
Oh, you had already reported. It’s a reproducible problem, so developers will quickly respond.

They actually did reply! On a Sunday too.
Their reply is, as follows:

You can delete the strip by just selecting the strip on VSE and hit x on keyboard and confirm “Erase strips”. That shouldn’t crash.

So I guess they will fix that on their next release.

Yes, that was a comment or observation.
But this has already been fixed by Campbell Barton. And yes, in next release or blender from buildbot builds downloaded tomorrow on night.