Blender shuts down when render is 90+% complete

Hi everyone,

I just bought a new laptop - Lenovo Legion 5 with the following specs:

R7 5800H
RTX 3060
16 GB Ram
Windows 10

In the last 2 days, when my renders were almost complete, Blender would just shut down by itself. I thought this had something to do with my sample size because it first happened when I used around 8000 samples for better quality. Anyways, after that I decreased my samples but the same thing keeps happening, even with 128 samples and it always happens towards the end of the renders when at least 80-90% is complete.

Does anybody know why this is happening???

We are going to need to narrow down the problem.

-How big are the scenes? Does this happen in a default, fresh scene?
-Are you using denoising? If yes, which denoiser?
-Does the crash happen with both optix and cuda?, what if you render only on cpu?

Hopefully, something in there will bring some answers.

And have you ruled out hardware - check temps whilst rendering etc.

Thank you very much for your reply!

I have 240 frames and this happens at frame 233.

This never happened before on my old laptop i7-4720HQ, GTX 960M, 16 GB

There are 10 scenes, but very simple and in eevee - only my main scene is in cycles.

I have a denoise node in compositing for my main scene in cycles and I have ticked denoise in View Layer Properties under Data. Both CUDA and Optix have GPU enabled.

I don’t think rendering on CPU would be a good idea as it already reaches 80+ degrees every 2-3 minutes although the usage is little so I don’t know what is up with that as well… It was working fine a few days ago. I added another scene with particles (that scene is in cycles as well but it’s a very tiny scene). I’m wondering if it’s happening because of that. I will remove that scene and render again and see if the problem persists… This CPU heating only happens with Blender, with games on Ultra settings nothing like this happens.

Thank you for your reply.

I don’t think hardware is the issue because I was doing the same things on a much worse laptop that was much much slower but as you mentioned it MAY BE related to hardware after I’ve added another scene with particles. I will remove that scene and render the animation the way it was before I added that scene and see what happens but this shouldn’t happen with my new hardware. I’m not doing anything complex, just a 10 second simple animation

Alright guys,

It was shutting down simply because of the new scene with the particles but it doesn’t make sense because originally, the particles in the new scene were actually included in my main scene. I decided to remove it and make a new scene for it because I didn’t want its reflection on another object.

But why does Blender shut down when the render is almost completed just because I removed the particles from my main scene and added them to a new scene?

Maybe You should get a seperate laptop from which to make backups to flash drives in evenings after Your work and use it with ripped out wifi thing or disconnected wires of it. You never know anything about the system unless You’ve been participating in making of it or monitoring of what people are doing. Maybe hackers hate on what You do and only want to wreck Your thing because they don’t like any of how stuff looks in Your blends.

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Hi again,

Well, apparently this problem is not fixed. The same thing happens again. I don’t know why this is happening. None of this was happening with my old crappy laptop. The thing is, this started happening later. When I first rendered an animation, it worked fine, then something that I have no idea about happened and Blender keeps crashing towards the completion of the render. There is a crash report.

Should I post it if anyone can solve this problem?