Blender @ Siggraph 2010

Anyone will be able to record the presentations at the BOF ?

That would be against the rules. I know there’s a thread about it in

Just curious if anyone attended the BOF and would like to share some details :slight_smile:

It was pretty awesome. The only 2 people I recognized were Ton and the man behind BlenderNation. I was hoping to see some of the people who create tutorials for us.

1st meeting: 2-3:30 history of Blender, about Blender, a lot of technical talk on Verse, openCL,GPL and stuff I did not understand since I’m an artist. I pretty much felt like the dumbest guy in the room. Also the Eskil who made “Love” was there.

2nd part 4-6 artist showcase, a bunch of people presented their work and shared stories and work they’ve accomplished using Blender. Guys with animations studios from NY, Costa Rica, Mexico, and Virginia (Jason from Hand Turkey Studios) showed past and current projects they were working on.

And of course we saw Sintel >: )

I was EXTREMELY impressed with it. I was NOT expecting such a high quality/complicated/long work from such a small group AT ALL.