Blender SIGGRAPH Demo Reel

I just checked out the Blender Reel for the 2004 SIGGRAPH at

I am awestruck at the level of artistry, imagination and animating skills shown in it.

Congratulations to those of you who are having their work shown and thanks to [email protected] for putting it together.

I look forward to seeing it on the large screen at SIGGRAPH.


Yeah, it is avery cool. Watched it a couple of times now. I still can’t beleive some of my stuff made it there.

Wonder if that means I get a free trip to Siggraph? :wink:


Very nice work to all who were involved!

If you can get to LA, I can show you were to get free passes to the floor.

Good selections.
Good mix of new and old.

Congradulations to everone who made it in!

i’d love to watch it, but it’s such a huge file! I’ll try and d/l it overnight 2nite

stupid dialup :<

oh just wondering, did any of my work get in there by chance? (i think my only piece in the blender gallery was the powerhouse pic…)

Am I becoming grouchy ? I watched it and rewatched it but…

Great art : I new that.
So so music that covers up the voices.
No suspense, no drama, I guess that in such a closely knit Community some choices were just too hard to make.

Excellent anyway.


yay i get my 5 seconds of fame LOL…amongst many people with their 5 seconds of fame.

some really nice artwork



excellent editing work - I think that will be a good presentation for blender.


Nice to see lots of familiar pieces and nice to be reminded of how much talent there is in the community.

The camel animation was pure genius.

Yea it looks great :smiley: I was suprised at how much art was in it that I had never seen.

Looks great. Some of my favorite stuff made it into the reel, which makes me happy. I have to agree that the music is pretty second rate though, and the whole thing is a little pedantic.

It’s not easy to find good, free music on the web. If you know where to find more, please let me know - we might be able to use it for the Art Festival.


[email protected]

i presume you got the original music from there?? i think i remember someone saying somthing about magnatune.

a google search has in the past gotten me lots of hits on free music but they are all normally saved in MP3 format and such.


Mp3 is no problem! And yes, I got the soundtrack from

[email protected]

i havn’t actually checked out all the sites, but from the front page they look like they offer free music. (the freeplay one i actually checked out the licence agreement and its good)

similar to magnatune in nature.

hope that helps [email protected]


I watched it, loved it. in some way…

I do not understand why you keep putting this supernova image from me EVERYWHERE! lol…I’m sick of it! :stuck_out_tongue: keep it on your hd, it’s good like this. It doesn’t really show anything special blender can do…ehll the pic isn’t really special at all…on my point of view…but well I might just have seen it way too often. anyway…you’re the boss…I won’t whine if one of my pic made it into the demoreel…it’s just that I would like to have seen another pic of mine instead of this one, since I think I made better, technicly at least, images since then. But oh well, you decide and I shut up! :stuck_out_tongue:

Very nice job on it! :smiley:

Most of these are royalty-free, but not free; you still have to purchase a CD with the music before you can use it. Most of the music is quite awful ‘elevator music’, too :wink:

A site with nice music that I came across is but unfortunately, they don’t have much music available yet…

[email protected]

It’s not about showing off what Blender can do, but what the artist can do :wink: I like the image a lot for its composition and dynamics - it’s much above average in those aspects if you can compare it to some ‘technology-demos’!

[email protected]

Man - that site has some amazing tunes.

Good blender showreel too.