Blender sighted in Duke Nukem!?

In the most recent of many (delay) trailers for Duke Nukem, I had to do a double take when I saw the game being rigged and animated in Blender! How much of the production was done in our favorite open software I don’t know, but I figured I’d relay the news here. Duke Nukem’s is a pretty big production, (what one might call a AAA game) and hopefully this will only show more of Blender’s capabilities in the commericial and professional market! :wink:

Now I’m even more excited for this game! So is this good news or am I a little late to the party?

You can see Blender twice between 15-21 seconds. I’m very curious how much was done in Blender…


Very nice call - definitely the Blender viewport

Not Blender. 3ds Max.

edit: went back and watched again. I am 100% sure that’s not Blender. It’s 3ds Max.

Woops, yep after looking closer it has the same setup but the floating panel there and the edge drawing gives it away

Aw well now I feel dumb. Everything from the weight painting to the viewport looked like blender. I’m sure sorry for the mix up. :o Hate to spread false info. Suppose the mods can close this thread if they want.

The first thing that struck me is he was using a menu. Not the Blender way… No digging needed here. :wink:

Don’t worry about it, and don’t feel dumb. Unfortunately, Blender, Maya, and Max look a lot alike since 2.5 debuted.

hahaha "D almost!!! but it is 3d max, the only way i could tell is 3d max has that little box with the circle around it in the upper right corner of the viewport lolol :smiley:

Actually that’s not unfortunate, it also closely resembles Adobe Premiere. Makes us that use all of them more comfortable I promise. Why are so many blender users such rebels? (said with a smile, tongue in cheek) :slight_smile:

@ Moon Mouse, Isn’t it past your bedtime? J/K :slight_smile:

I bet that if they used Blender, they would still be on 2.49 anyway.

Actually that’s not unfortunate, it also closely resembles Adobe Premiere. Makes us that use all of them more comfortable I promise.

I almost find it more confusing actually :stuck_out_tongue: Whenever I have to use Maya at Uni I usually half absently use my regular shortcut keys and then when I look back end up with a big mess. You’d think with the dev time though the game should’ve been built from scratch from the stone age.

this guy is right

you really think Autodesk would allow that? They’d even give it away for free if a high caliber games dev said they are going the Blender route… :lol:

@Isscpp First of all, whats your inspiration for your name? (curious)
and second, thanks…you know whats funny is, I actually thought it was blender, until I paused the video and saw that little box…But to Original poster Almost good find :smiley:

@ 3Demensia
Why yes it is, my parents are going to spank me any minute ;DDD
wow wait NVM, that sounds way too…how should i say, perverted?

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