Blender Sightings: BigBuckBunny used to demo shotguns new review tool

Just saw this:

BigBuckBunny used to demo shotguns new review tool “revolver” :slight_smile:

Even more interesting: In that video they use the font that comes with Blender for the titles (Gill Sans, I think?). Did they edit it with Blender?

It doesn’t really surprise me anymore.

It’s like with “the generic car design” for a video we recently discussed here. Hard to get one that’s royalty free and even looks decent.
Same with videos.
I don’t know many open videos that look as neat and professional as BBB and are somewhat known. BBB had some nice public attention and is somewhat known to people. On top of that I think many see this as a way to pay tribute to Blender, sure there’s the “great I can use this for free” thought, but I like to think that those people also could use any other random open flick but choose to use BBB to “promote” Blender. It’s never long before someone spots that it’s made with Blender and those kind of news travel fast on the net.

I wonder if one could use movie trailers, I am not certain what license they have. You see them freely distributed all over the net, no one seems to care, but I also doubt software manufacturers want to use them because customers could get the impression they particularly like this movie, or are affiliated with that studio.